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Welcome to the Team

Our highly trained and licensed therapists partner with clients to design a treatment plan customized to meet their needs. Our aim is to provide a relaxing, rejuvenating experience while reducing our client's experience of pain, increasing functional mobility and reducing stress. We take pride in educating our clients and encouraging them to take an active part in their treatment plan to ensure the best possible outcome for their health and wellbeing. We look forward to working with you!


Carolyn Smith

Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Yoga Therapist, E-RYT500

DE License # MT-0015114


I'm Carolyn, founder of Embodied Movement Therapy. My journey to massage and yoga therapy was a long one. I spent the first 20 years of my working life in the corporate setting, feeling lost and unfulfilled. I discovered the power of yoga in 1998, shortly after my mother had the first of several strokes. I watched my mother morph from an avid tennis player, gardener, music teacher and master shopper to someone who spent most days in her chair. Except, of course, when she could get someone to take her shopping...then she really came alive! 

Watching my mom struggle set me on a path of self-inquiry leading me to eventually leave the corporate world to teach yoga full-time. In 2012, I began studying yoga therapy and in 2017, I obtained my license in massage therapy.

My passion is two-fold. First, to help my clients feel better and move better so that they can enjoy their lives to the fullest, for as long as they can. Secondly, and more importantly in my mind, is to help people truly embody their body, mind and soul. It is when we are fully connected to all parts of ourselves that we can life fully.


Renee Abramowicz

Licensed Massage Therapist

DE License # MT-0002439

Hi, I'm Renee. I'm a licensed and nationally certified massage therapist.

My introduction to massage came through my own healing from a back injury I suffered during my career as a flight attendant. As debilitating as it was, I was able to heal completely through the caring hands of a massage therapist. I was always very active from a young age, playing sports all through high school and into college. Not being active was just not an option! To this day, I love being out on the golf course as much as possible!

My back injury prompted me to further my knowledge of the body and its healing capabilities. I graduated from the National Massage Therapy Institute in Wilmington, DE in 2007 and was blessed to be able to use my skills with my sister-in-law who was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer. I would visit with her in the rehab facility and massage her feet and neck to help her with pain and relaxation. 
My objective as a  massage therapist is to help my clients relax, de-stress and heal from injury so they can get back to their daily activities as soon as possible. 


Rashell Heck

Licensed Massage Therapist
DE License # MT-0015177

My name is Rashell. I'm a licensed massage therapist and have been practicing for over 5 years. I went to school in PA at the Academy of Massage Therapy and Body Works. I offer a range of different modalities, which includes cupping,  synergy stones, Thai foot massage, and lymphatic drainage,  amongst others. I am certified in Forearm Fusion, which helps me to apply a deeper pressure for those looking to alleviate pain and increase range of motion. Though my signature massage is focused on being relaxing yet therapeutic, it is my belief that each massage should be unique and tailored to the client's needs. One of my favorite quotes is "The mind and body are not separate, what affects one, affects the other."  I have a passion for helping others and believe in the power of healing through massage, to help clients walk out feeling refreshed, physically and emotionally. I look forward to helping more people  live their life to its fullest.

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