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Feel Better. Move Better. Live Better.

Functional Yoga is a relatively new approach that combines the latest research in fascia, functional movement and biomechanics with the wisdom of the ancient healing practices of yoga. It focuses on mobility rather than flexibility: how we move, not how far we move. Functional yoga addresses the 7 essential movement patterns we learn as toddlers that support us in every day tasks: squatting, lunging, pushing, pulling, twisting and carrying and aims to improve our ability to perform these motions with efficiency and ease to improve the quality of our lives.  


My Yoga for Functional Mobility class is a creative blend of self-myofascial massage, yoga postures with novel movements to stimulate the brain, corrective exercise and breath-work designed to improve range of motion, strengthen the muscles, improve balance, reduce pain and regulate the nervous system. Classes include the use of various tools, or props, like yoga blocks, straps, exercise bands and loops, and Yoga Therapy balls to enhance our proprioception and interoception providing essential feedback to our brain.

In the words of one of my long-time yoga students, you will leave class feeling like you've "done a workout at the gym, had a massage, had an anatomy lesson, spent time meditating, and been to the spa!" 

Classes are offered online & in-person. 

Please see the Yoga Props page for example of the tools we will use and some advice on what you can use at home as alternatives.

Online Yoga


Join from the comfort of home!

Live online classes offered via Zoom.


Tuesday & Thursday


No experience necessary.

Please see the Props page for necessary props.

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